Women Wellness Exam

At Epic Medical Associates, we recognize the significance of a woman wellness exam in maintaining optimal health. Our experienced healthcare team is dedicated to providing thorough well-woman exams for women at every stage of life, from adolescence through menopause and beyond. These exams offer crucial preventive care and can detect complications early when they are most manageable. Schedule your appointment today or conveniently book online.

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    Women’s Health

    Why is an Annual Well-Woman Exam Essential?

    An annual well-woman exam at Epic Medical Associates ensures that you receive the necessary screenings and education to uphold optimal reproductive and pelvic health. Beyond this, it offers an opportunity to sit down with a qualified provider, review your health history, discuss any changes in your well-being, and seek guidance on symptoms or concerns related to your reproductive health.

    What Does a Well-Woman Exam Address?

    When you visit our facility for woman wellness exam, we encourage you to share any unusual symptoms, such as irregular discharge, pelvic discomfort, or pain during intercourse. If you are aged 21 or older, your exam will include a pelvic assessment to evaluate the health of your pelvic organs, detect irregular tissue, screen for infections, and conduct vital preventive tests like a Pap smear. Additionally, you may undergo blood or urine screenings.

    During the exam, you will also receive a clinical breast examination to screen for signs of breast cancer. Women over 40 will be referred for regular mammograms. Other gynecological matters addressed during your well-woman exam encompass:

    • STD testing
    • Menopause management
    • Birth control options
    • HPV testing and treatment
    • Vaccinations, including HPV

    A well-woman exam empowers you to take charge of your reproductive health, which significantly impacts your overall quality of life.

    Questions About Women Wellness Exam ?

    What to Expect During the Exam?

    Dr. Heena at Epic Medical Associates will perform diagnostic assessments to check for common conditions and medical concerns during your woman wellness exam. The following will occur during your visit:

    • Analysis of your health history
    • Evaluation of height and weight
    • Pelvic and breast examination
    • Pap smear, if applicable
    • Lab work as deemed necessary

    How Often Should You Schedule an Exam?

    Regardless of your age, it is recommended to schedule a well-woman exam annually for a comprehensive health assessment. Depending on your specific needs, additional screenings can be conducted for sexually transmitted diseases, menopause symptoms, and certain types of cancer. For older women at an elevated risk of certain cancers due to family history, more frequent well-woman exams may be advisable.

    How to Prepare?

    Preparing for a wellness examination is straightforward. It is advisable to schedule the exam when you are not menstruating, as this can affect the results of your Pap smear. If you require blood work during your exam, fasting for 8 hours before the appointment may be necessary. Bring any pertinent medical information or new records for your file, and feel free to prepare a list of questions or concerns to discuss with Dr. Heena during your visit.

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    For exceptional care utilizing advanced technology, entrust Epic Medical Associates with all your women’s healthcare needs, including woman wellness exam. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to provide you with the highest level of care and support. Call us today!